Here, you can learn languages, as well as learn skills through languages.

English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

Hi, I'm Thouria Benferhat

I was born in Morocco and grew up in Algeria and the United States. I have been teaching Arabic, French, English and Spanish to learners of all ages. For 36 years, I taught Arabic at the United Nations Language Program at Headquarters in New York.

I thoroughly enjoy the privilege of teaching people from all corners of the world and learning from my amazing learners. I retired in 2017. After raising three multilingual children, I now enjoy writing and teaching languages online.

I had the great pleasure of studying Arabic in Thouria’s classes at the United Nations in 2015-2016. Thouria’s teaching methodology, aspiration for sharing knowledge and dedication to developing every single student in the class was both inspiring and highly motivating for me. I would warmly recommend Thouria to anyone, not least for her communication and teaching skills in language learning.

- Tue Kristoffer Westhoff, Denmark

Do you really want to learn a language and be able to communicate with others without feeling inadequate, too old, or too clumsy? 

Make sure you reach out to Thouria! She was my Arabic teacher and, many years later, I still remember her lessons and, most importantly, the feeling of accomplishment I had after each session.

Shukran ya professura!

- Jorge A. Ballestero, Costa Rica

Encouraging people of all ages to study languages!
Languages for All

Better than Duolingo!

-Latif Jiji.

Clubhouse Student

I met a Malaysian student on Clubhouse. I asked her daughter what she likes. She said: "cats and bananas". That was where this book started! I hope to have ignited the love of languages across the globe!

Vince and his Grandpa

My student, Vince, is proud of his Iraqi roots. His grandpa emigrated to the USA at the age of 18. Such a joy to see them read Arabic together!