Hi, I'm Thouria Benferhat

I was born in Morocco and grew up in Algeria and the United States. I have been teaching Arabic, French, English and Spanish to learners of all ages. For 36 years, I taught Arabic at the United Nations Language Program at Headquarters in New York.

I thoroughly enjoy the privilege of teaching people from all corners of the world and learning from my amazing learners. I retired in 2017. After raising three multilingual children, I now enjoy writing and teaching languages online.

Arabic Mini-Course for Total Beginners

This is a brief introduction to the Arabic language, culminating in writing your first Arabic word.

The entire course, including the quiz, should take you about two hours.

You will be learn:

  1. Letters you need to read and write Arabic ( the Arabic alphabet)
  2. Additional letters and symbols you need to read and write Arabic (outside the Arabic alphabet)
  3. How Arabic Letters are pronounced
  4. How Arabic letters behave inside words
  5. How to write two words in Arabic (I love you, to a male and I love you, to a female

Broaden your Horizons

Over 300 Million people speak Arabic, and soon, so will you! This introductory mini-course will get you started communicating in Arabic.

Try it Out

I devised this simple course to give you a chance to see what it's like to learn a new language and see if you enjoy it. I hope you will!

Highly Experienced

Having taught people from all over the world, I have gained a sense of how different people learn, and how to make language learning fun.

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